Monochrome Mix

November 3rd to 25, 2023

 Centre for Creative Arts

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Please contact the Centre for Creative Arts to arrange for purchase (780) 814-6080

 Congratulations to our award winners! 

"Pray for Rain" by Tannis Trydal, AFCA   "Scorched" by Agnes McDonald   "Rock Art Ramblings" by Sandy Troudt, AFCA  

Ovintiv Award of Excellence- 1st Place

Pray for Rain - Tannis Trydal, AFCA


2nd Place

Scorched - Agnes MccDonald


3rd Place

Rock Art Ramblings- Sandy Troudt, AFCA



  "Vanity & Colt" by Shirley Weiss, AFCA   "The Bond Beyond Feathers" by Mimi Zhang-Mackie   "Break Up" by Mary Parslow, AFCA

Honourable Mention

Vanity and Colt

by Shirley Weiss, AFCA


Honourable Mention

The Bond Beyond Feathers

 by Mimi Zhang-Mackie


Honourable Mention

Break Up

by Mary Parslow, AFCA