Alicia Doerksen - Artist Interview

May 2021


'I paint for pure enjoyment

it’s my happy place.'

~Alicia Doerksen 


Q. Please tell us abit about yourself. Anything you’d like to share, perhaps where you live, where you were born, your family.

I currently live in DeBolt AB and have been in the Grande Prairie area since 1998. I was born in High level AB and was raised for the better part of my childhood in Moncton NB. 

Q. Can you tell us when you first realized that you enjoyed creating art and wished to become an artist. Is there a particular person who supported your decision to pursue your goals? If so, in what way did you feel supported? If so, how did you feel?

I have always been told that I was creative and always enjoyed art as a child. It was in grade 10 that my art interest progressed into a love. Mr. Brooks would have started me on my path. Starting with still life sketching in charcoal turned to chalk pastels. I didn’t create much after university art school until I had my two girls. Being a stay at home mom, I started painting with Acrylics in 2015 when another mom in the community was doing a fundraiser and I wanted to donate a piece of art. 

Q. What is your motivation for creating art?

It is a part of who I am. Mentally, I need to see the beauty in our world. I’m inspired by nature mostly and other artists. I love pretty much all art work and mediums. 

Q. Do you have a favorite medium and if so, why?

It’s been hard for me to pick one. I have dabbled in almost all of them. I have recently been introduced to oil and I must say I’m really enjoying the process. 


 Q. Can you tell us a bit about someof your artworks and what they mean to you?

I started creating works on barn wood originally which have such unique character. I have since switched to canvas sourcing and harvesting barn wood was time consuming. I really just wanted to paint, canvas lets me just get going. 

 Resting 15" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas

Pair of Eagles - 15" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas

   Blue Heron - Acrylic on Canvas                   I can see you -  Acrylic on canvas                                                                                                 Morning snack - Acrylic on Canvas 


Berry Buddies - 15" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas


Q. When you create art do you listen to calming music, are you thinking of anything in particular or have any emotions at all? 

I paint for pure enjoyment it’s my happy place. I do listen to music usually Chris Stapleton or Bob Seager. 

Q. In our busy world, time can be an issue. Do you have any tips or tricks to find time for your art?

I wish I had more time. Life is always busy but I find the time mostly because it’s how I relax. Instead of a bath, reading a book or binge watching episodes of TV series. My relaxation is at my easel. 

Q. Is creating art your main profession?

It has with Covid become my only source of income. I have definitely shifted in the last 2 years to pursuing it full time, yes. 

Q. Can you tell us about any awards or exhibitions that have made an impact on your life?

My very first award was in grade ten. Our high school art department was asked to pick art work from a student. It was given to the Queens representative in Fredricton and hung in the provincial building and my art was the piece chosen. 

Q. Do you have any major goals for your art career?

I had set personal goals to meet certain artists in my lifetime and learn from them. I was able to accomplish these in the past few years. I am always reaching for goals, I think it’s important as an artist to always be open to learning new things and grow. I would like to become a signature member with the Federation here in the next few years. 

Q. What inspires you to be the best artist that you can be?

Self pride, I want my passion to be visible when your looking at my artwork. I am always willing to help out in any way I can and art seems to be allowing me to do that in some small way. 

 Q. Is there  anything else you’d like to share about your art journey or inspiration so far to inspire others?

Paint because it’s a part of who you are and because you love it, it will evolve and over time people will start to appreciate not only your artwork but you as a creative person. 

Thank You Alicia for sharing your art journey with us! 

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