Mayrena Valladares-Mills


It gives me joy to be able to create something with colour and line; sometimes,  I don’t know what it is until it is finished, and then sometimes not even then. 


I want to make art to express the inexpressible. The beauty of visual art is that the observer is the one finishing the painting, the one giving it its meaning. I search for the consciously unseen, unspoken, misunderstood, overlooked, or merely ignored, those unknowns that catch on the hooks of our subconscious. Then I strive to mix those expressions and abstractions with a feeling of solitude, a state of utter peacefulness of being with yourself and understanding the inevitability of alienation we all feel with or without others. 


I have been dabbling in art since childhood but the practicality of life never allowed me to completely submerge.  Living on an isolated Southern Gulf Island has helped me to paint full-time. Before, I used to live in Fort St. John where I met the amazing and encouraging artists in the Flying Colours  Artist’s Association. They are always improving and changing and provide an environment where I have felt both challenged and welcome even from afar. 


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