Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth Hutchinson headshotElizabethHutchinson@gpcsd.ca


When I was a little girl I would get lost in the tiny details of a tumbled together blanket. I would picture myself as small as a dust mote and glory at the folds and textures of the mountainous blanket. I can remember wondering why adults missed the beauty of these tiny details, and hoping I would always remember to slow down and watch the play of sunlight transform the world around me.

I want my art to say that beauty and wonder abound. It hides in the details, even in the empty and forgettable places we look at but rarely ‘see’. I am fascinated by our relationship with the natural world, and it’s strength and interconnected complexities. I hope some of my images capture your imagination and give you a small moment to lose yourself, or a chance to remember a place that feels familiar.”

Elizabeth Hutchinson lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta with her husband and children. She is an arts integration specialist and an early childhood educator~ and she is reminded daily to be grateful for the gifts of family, friendship, creativity and play.