Peace River Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists
Art from B.C. and Alberta's Peace Region

Become a Member!

To become a member of the Peace River Chapter, prospective members must first become a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. There are 4 types of memberships, however the two listed below are very popular. Once a new member is accepted and is a member in good standing they can join a regional chapter. 

Supporting Membership - $50.00/yr

A Supporting Membership is available to everyone who loves art and would like to learn more about artists, their work and the many events and courses happening in the artist community. It is the perfect membership for collectors and those who want to support and participate in the culture of art in Canada. Benefits for Supporting Members include:

  • Discounts on workshops and classes
  • Invitations to events and Opening Receptions
  • Bi-weekly E-Newsletter
  • Free Art Avenue subscription (delivered 6 times a year to your address)
  • Membership rates on advertising opportunities 

Active Membership - $80/yr

If you are an artist who is interested in participating in juried FCA shows and honing your skills, then perhaps you are ready to apply for your Active Membership. In order to be eligible to apply for Active Membership, you have to be a Supporting Member first. Applicants for Active Status have to undergo a jury process where they submit either their professional artists' website or a body of work for jurying. If successful, new Active Members can start submitting to FCA shows. Active Members receive the same benefits as Supporting members. Moreover Active Members are also eligible:

  • to submit for juried shows and exhibitions with the FCA,
  • for prizes, titles and awards,
  • of having their website link displayed at Artist Site,
  • and more.

Supporting and Active membership applications are available at 

Peace River Chapter (PRFCA) Membership - $35/yr  

Fees are payable to the local chapter and may be paid at any time, but are due in January of each year.  Members of the PRFCA must first be supporting or active members of the Federation of Canadian Artists.    

For more information regarding the PRFCA, contact Charlie Parslow at